Is specifically designed to withstand intense use while retaining the softness and playing characteristics that today's student athlete desires. The natural looking fiber is recommended for installations experiencing more than thirty hours of use per week. Tough is the best word that describes EnviroTurfSF. This product is composed of from 40-46oz of polyethylene fiber with a three-ply backing. The maximum fiber coverage provides a beautiful appearance while reducing rubber "fly up".


is a strategically blended combination of tough EnvirotTurfM and soft EnviroTurfSF. Superior appearance, feel, playability, consistency, and longevity come together in our EnviroTurfDF. Unique to EnviroTurf, EnviroTurfDF combines the best features of EnviroTurfM and EnviroTurfSF, offering a field that is lush, beautiful, and durable.



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